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July 26 - August 2, 2006


ICHEP'06 Moscow, 26.07- 02.08, 2006

Conference web site: http://ichep06.jinr.ru


XXXIII International Conference on High Energy Physics, ICHEP'06, (Rochester Conference) will be held from 26 July to 2 August, 2006 in Moscow at the Russian Academy of Sciences. The previous Conference was in Beijing, China (16.08 - 22.08.2004).

The program of ICHEP'06 will feature plenary talks covering topics of major interest to the world high energy physics community and parallel sessions consisting of talks about recent research results and plans for the future. The plenary and the parallel sessions will be equally arranged with respect to the time length, three days for each with one day for rest.

ICHEP'06 organizers: Conference co-chairmen:

V.A. Matveev (RAS, Moscow) & A.N. Skrinsky (RAS, Moscow)


V.I. Savrin (MSU) & A.N. Sissakian (JINR)

Conference venue

The Conference venue will be the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Bldg. which is situated in the center of the city of Moscow, adjacent to "Leninsky Prospect" subway station, and is well served by the local transportation network, with bus stops, the local tram stations all being nearby.

The RAS Bldg. address:

Leninsky avenue, 32 A
119991 GSP-1, V-71 Moscow, Russian Federation
Tel. (+7 495) 938-0309
FAX (+7 495) 938-1844

International Advisory and Program Committee
G. Altarelli (CERN)
S. Banerjee (TATA)
N. Brambilla (Milano)
R. Cashmore (Oxford)
H. Chen (IHEP, Beijing)
E. Coccia (Gran Sasso)
R. Eichler (PSI)
J. Engelen (CERN)
L. Foa (Pisa)
A. Fursenko (Moscow)
D. Gross (UCSB)
W.F. Henning (GSI)
V.G. Kadyshevsky (JINR)
A.A. Logunov (IHEP, Protvino)
L. Maiani (Roma)
G. Mikenberg (Weizmann)
M. Neubert (Cornell)
L.B. Okun (ITEP)
Yu.S. Osipov (RAS, Moscow)
A.V. Radyushkin (JLAB)
L. Randall (Harvard)
A. Roodman (SLAC)
A.Yu. Rumyantsev (Moscow)
V.A. Sadovnichiy (MSU)
M. Spiro (IN2P3)
A.N. Tavkhelidze (JINR)
Y. Totsuka (KEK)
A. Wagner (DESY)
A.K. Wroblewsky (Warsaw)
Young-Kee Kim (Fermilab)
Organizing Committee
E.E. Antipenko (RosAtom)
V.V. Belokurov (MSU)
L.B. Bezrukov (INR RAS)
P.V. Bogdanov (RosAtom)
M.V. Danilov (ITEP)
I.M. Dremin (LPI RAS)
V.G. Drozhenko (RosNauka)
A.B. Kaidalov (ITEP)
A.V. Klimenko (RosNauka)
O.L. Kodolova (MSU)
G.A. Kozlov (JINR)
Yu.F. Kozlov (RosNauka)
A.N. Lebedev (LPI RAS)
O.Yu. Lukina (MSU)
V.A. Nazarenko (INP St. Petersburg)
M.I. Panasyuk (MSU)
O.O. Patarakin (RosAtom)
A.A. Petrukhin (MEPhI)
V.A. Rubakov (INR RAS)
A.A. Slavnov (MI RAS)
Yu.A. Tikhonov (BINP)
N.E. Tyurin (IHEP)
A.A. Vorobijov (INP St. Petersburg)
A.M. Zaitsev (IHEP)
Scientific Secretary

G.A. Kozlov
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Joliot-Curie st. 6, 141980 Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
E-mail:   ichep06@jinr.ru or kozlov@jinr.ru URL:   http://ichep06.jinr.ru
Fax:   (7 496) 21 65891, 65599 Tel.:   Tel.: (7 496) 21 65029, 65989

General Information

Participation in ICHEP'06 Conference is by invitation only.

Important deadline dates
Early fee
Abstract submission
Financial support application
April 15, 2006
May 15, 2006
May 15, 2006
May 15, 2006

IUPAP sponsorship

To secure IUPAP sponsorship, the Organizing Committee has provided assurance that ICHEP'06 will be conducted in accordance with IUPAP principles as stated in the ICSU Document "Universality of Science" (1989) regarding the free circulation of scientists for international scientific purposes. In particular, no bona fide scientists will be excluded from participation on the grounds of national origin, nationality, or political considerations unrelated to science.

Accommodation and social program support, transfers

Official Service Agent of ICHEP'06 Conference is Monomax Congress Service, deputy general director Alexey Rybalov tel. + 7 (495) 726 51 35, e-mail: Alexei.Rybalov@monomax.org, http://www.monomax.ru/langeng/contacts/

  • booking and accommodation for ICHEP'06 delegates and accompanying persons in hotels of Moscow
  • organizing and carrying out of cultural program for ICHEP'06 delegates and accompanying persons
  • transfer to/from airport, from/to hotel
  • other services that concerned with stay of ICHEP'06 delegates and accompanying persons in Russia.

* Guest house of MSU for participants

A limited number of rooms with low rate prices are reserved in the Guest House of Moscow State University (Moscow, Vorob'evy Gory). These rooms are available for students and those who come from former Soviet Union countries, developing countries.

Participants interested in booking the rooms should request and contact the Organizing Committee (ichep06@jinr.ru).

The MSU Guest House takes about 20 minutes by metro (subway) or by bus.

Address: 119899, Moscow, GSP, Leninskie Gory, Moscow State University, Main Bldg.

Abstract Submission

The abstract submission to the appropriate parallel session is available through the registraion.

Registration and invitations

Registration is required to be done through the ICHEP'06 web site. The registration process can be accessed at the Conference web site as of October 2005. Once registration is made, a registration number (ID number) will be given which should be referred to in later communications ( e.g., abstract sending to appropriate parallel sessions; early submission is encouraged).

The final registration is by invitations only! Invitation can be obtained by request from your country coordinator or from the Organizing Committee (ichep06@jinr.ru).

Early registration is encouraged.

The registration process will give participants an opportunity to request one of the hotels, to order excursion tickets, and to indicate an interest in the companion's program as will be described in detail in the Conference Bulletin # 2 and on the conference web site.

If for some reason, one cannot do it through the ICHEP'06 web site, please use the fax way with

7 496 21 65891
7 496 21 65599
7 496 21 65916

or via regular mail: Joliot-Curie st.6, 141980, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia.

Conference fee

The Conference registration fee is set at 410 Euros for delegate and 90 Euros for a family member if paid before April 15, 2006 and 430 Euros for delegate thereafter. The fee will cover conference materials, reception, coffee breaks, computing access, conference proceedings. It will not include accommodations, conference dinner, and excursions related to the social program.

Payment before April 15, 2006 410 Euros/delegate
90 Euros/family member
Payment after April 15, 2006 430 Euros/delegate
90 Euros/family member

Below please find the ways of payment:

1. Bank transfer

In your bank transfer please refer to ICHEP'06 Conference, your full name, your ID (registration) number and the purpose of your payment. Please make your money transfer payable to the following account and address:

(Russian rubles)
: 9909125356 501063001
: 40807810000140027653
: "-", .
. : 30101810900000000466, 044525466
US Dollars
(account holder)
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Beneficiary bank: Bank "Moscow Business World", Russia, Moscow
Account number: 40807840300140027653
Bank-correspondent: Bank of New York, New York, USA
account: 8900514841 SWIFT: IRVT US 3N
(account holder)
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Beneficiary bank: Bank "Moscow Business World", Russia, Moscow
Account number: 40807978900140027653
Bank-correspondent: "Ost-West Handelsbank" AG
Stephanstrasse 1, 60313, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
account: 0103110391 SWIFT: OWHBDEFF
Account in Germany: Vereinigtes Institut f. Kernforschung Dubna
Commerzbank Berlin
Account: 192 058 600
BLZ: 100 400 00
IBAN: DE 46 1004 0000 0192 0586 00


  • Please send us a copy of your bank transfer document and keep a copy for your own record.
  • In case your bank charges a certain percentage for the transfer process, please cover the gap by yourself if that happens.
2. On-site payment

Euro or its equivalent amount in USD or Russian rubles in cash will be accepted upon your on-site registration in Moscow.

Accompanying Persons

Accompanying persons of ICHEP06 participants will find Moscow with its historical center, famous museums, theatres and many nearby attractions an interesting place to visit. A list of recommended excursions and activities will be selected by the organizers and will be available on the conference web page. Accompanying persons can be registered together with a participant. The fee per accompanying person is EUR 90 and includes the welcome reception, the concert and the computer access.

Cancellation and Refunds

The Organizing Committee should be notified in writing of cancellations.
Cancellations before May 15, 2006: refund of fee minus EUR 70.
Cancellations from May 15 to June 15, 2006: refund of 50% of the full fee.
Cancellations after June 15, 2006: NO refund.


All visitors to Russian Federation need a valid passport.An original letter of invitation to the ICHEP'06 conference is needed when applying for a visa. The Organizing Committee will provide with Russian visas. Registered participants can obtain such a letter from the Conference secretariat. As the process for obtaining a visa takes time, requests for letters of invitation should reach the Conference secretariat not later than May 1, 2006.

Social events and Banquet

The program of the conference will reserve Sunday, July 30, 2006 for conference excursion and personal time. The conference banquet will be held the evening of Tuesday, August 1, 2006. Details regarding the scheduling and the sale of tickets for these events will be provided in ICHEP'06 Bulletin # 2.

Financial Support

A limited amount of financial support will be available for students and young scientists from the developing countries.

A support will mainly cover the local staying expenses. A very limited amount of support will also cover an international travel.

Participants interested in applying for the support should contact the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee will consider your request in due time, and if granted, a written approval in the form of E-mail will be given to you and must be shown at on-site registration.

Conference Agenda

A layout of the full six-day conference program includes 14 independent parallel sessions (3 days), plenary sessions (3 days), and a poster session.

  1. Particle astrophysics & cosmology
  2. Neutrino physics
  3. Lattice calculations & computational quantum field theory
  4. Heavy ion collisions & quark matter
  5. QCD hard interactions
  6. QCD soft interactions
  7. Electroweak physics
  8. CP violation, rare decays, CKM
  9. Hadron spectroscopy & exotics
  10. Heavy quark physics
  11. Beyond the Standard model
  12. GRID distributed analysis in high energy physics
  13. R & D for future accelerators, detectors & new facilities
  14. Mathematical aspects of QFT & string theory

Further details of the scientific program will be available in the Bulletin # 2.


In case of the poster presentation interest the participating laboratories and the individuals can apply with this subject to the conveners of the parallel sessions and the organizers.

The location for these posters is in the special hall of the second floor of the RAS bldg. close to the Main Conference Hall.

The Organizing Committee is responsible for allocating board space to each participating laboratories and the individuals and each sessions, and setting up the poster board before 16:00 of July 26, 2006.

The area for each poster has the maximum size with 95 cm (width) & 200 cm (height)

The participating laboratories and the individuals are responsible for all the rest like putting their posters on the marked board space.

The participating laboratories and the individuals neednt mail their posters to the organizers, just bring them when come to the conference. The participating laboratories and the individuals may put their posters onto the marked board space after 16:00, July 26, 2006.

  • Proceedings will be published.
  • Instructions for papers submission will be given.

Coming to Moscow


Moscow international airports Sheremetyevo II and Domodedovo are frequented by many international airlines. Airport Sheremetyevo II is the home base of AEROFLOT Russian Airlines. Both airports are located conveniently close to the Moscow-city. Airport Domodedovo has its own train station with frequent connections to one of the Moscow rail way stations. A bus connection are also available form both airports.


There are several international trains per day directly connecting Moscow railway stations with countries in Europe, East and Asia.


Moscow is easily reached by highway. However, as with most major cities, parking is difficult in the center of Moscow. Furthermore, the public transport system in Moscow (metro, bus, tram) and its surroundings is well organized and makes a car not really necessity. A permit for parking at the RAS bldg. (the conference site) for the duration of the conference can be purchased for EUR 50.

E-mail and Laptop Service

A limited number of PC's will be available for participants to read their e-mail. There will also be a number of possibilities for participants to connect their laptop computers.


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