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July 26 - August 2, 2006

Proceedings will be published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd

Rules for paper submission
  1. Important: The paper submission deadline is Oct. 15, 2006
  2. Both MS word 2000 document file and the LaTex format file are acceptable
  3. No length limit for title, list of authors and keywords
  4. The authors are responsible for the contents, words, and any mistakes in their papers
  5. Page limit
    (1) No more than 10 pages (10 sides) for plenary session talks
    (2) No more than 4 pages (4 sides) for parallel session talks
  6. Text Area and Font Sizes
    (1) Trim size: 7 by 10 inch
    (2) Text area: 5.6 by 8.25 inch (excluding folio)
    (3) Text font: 10pt (Times New Roman)
    (4) Interline spacing: 13pt
    (5) Paper Title: 11pt (Bold Upper Case)
    (6) Author's Name: 9pt (Roman Upper Case)
    (7) Affiliations: 9pt (Italic Upper and Lower Case)
    (8) Abstract Text: 8pt (Roman, interline spacing is 10pt)
    (9) Section heads:
    (a) 1st Section head: 10pt Bold roman, Upper and Lower Case
    (b) 2nd Section head: 10pt Bold italic, Upper and Lower Case
    (c) 3rd Section head: 10pt Italic, Capitalise 1st letter of 1st word only
    (10) Figure and Table captions: 8pt with baselineskip of 10pt
    (11) Table entries: 8pt with baselineskip of 10pt
    (12) Running title
    (footers and headers): 10pt
    (13) Reference text: 10pt with baselineskip of 13pt
  7. Submission
    • Using LaTex:
      • LaTex source file
      • EPS/PS files for figure
      • High quality PDF file
    • Using MS word 2000:
      • Word document file
      • High quality PDF file

Above mentioned files should be submitted as attachment files by E-mail ichep06@jinr.ru. Please don't forget to mention your ID in the subject of your e-mail when you submit your paper and Parallel Session number in the text.

Here are example files for authors using LaTex.

Please don't forget to download ws-procs10x7.cls style file when you compile your LaTex source file.

Here are example files for authors using MS word.

You can also download style files from World Scientific



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